How to Get Rid of a Double Chin

Knowing how to get rid of a double chin will help you to feel better about your looks. Sometimes it is mainly fat, but in other cases it is mainly skin. Although there are many theories on how to remove, there are only two things that actually work, dieting and/or plastic surgery, according to the Mayo Clinic.

By Losing Weight

If your extra chin is main fat, you can get rid of it by losing weight. Create a diet and weight loss plan to lose weight and reduce down to the appropriate weight for your sex, bone structure and height. A good rule of thumb is the weight that you were when you were eighteen years old. If you were a normal weight at that time (not too heavy or not too underweight), you should be the same weight throughout your adulthood.

By Cosmetic Surgery

There are procedures used in removal surgically such as a neck lift and neck liposuction. This type of surgery is best done after weight loss. It is used to remove extra skin that is hanging down and causing the look of a double chin. Although liposuction is also used in the procedure, it is best if you lose as much weight as possible on your own before the surgery.

By Doing Neck Exercises

Although the thought sounds good, there is no proof that neck exercises can reduce, eliminate or remove this kind of fat. Targeting certain areas of the body for fat loss usually does not work. To lose weight anywhere on your body, you will need to lose weight evenly all over your body.

Using Creams

There is no evidence of any product on the market that can effectively get rid of or reduce a double chin. Creams or lotions that promise such things are just not reliable.

There are many other unscrupulous products on the market claiming to help reduce, such as neck exercising equipment and other products. None of the products on the market can actually help you to reduce your chin fat. If you really want to eliminate it, lose weight today and get cosmetic surgery in the future if it is necessary.

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